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in those couple of seconds, she is reminding herself that he’s made his choice and it wasn’t her.

i am very upset.

What hurts me about it, too (and what is going to be very, very hard for Regina to forgive) is that for a second she tries really hard to hate him. She gives this sort of glare. But then she looks down and remembers, it isn’t him, it’s her, nobody could possibly ever love her enough to pick her and she’s always going to be alone. And she can’t hate him. Because the person she hates is herself, not the least for smiling at him like such a fool this morning for those three perfect seconds when she actually thought she might’ve been enough for somebody.

She can’t even look at them together for more than a moment because it hurts her so much and uah;kfhskd;fag my boo.

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There are about thirty plus different ships for OUAT. You know how many of those ships are canon in the present storyline?


Nobody wants to talk about Swan Queen.

Just like nobody is talking about Hookriel or Mad Swan or Red Hook or Wooden Swan. Because they…