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Morning After — Evil Charming drabble

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

It is not just of one persons different opinion on what is and then defines beauty. It is beauty seen differently in more ways than one—at different angles, at different periods of time and only then it is through a different pair of eyes. It isn’t constant for until today no elixir to life, to youth, to beauty has been found. So David finds it baffling that no matter the time, no matter which way he looked upon her and no matter through clarity or not—he finds her unchanging if not more radiant with each passing day.

Even now, with the worry lines that crease her features every once in awhile as she sleeps be it due to an unpleasant dream or the minor aches that plague her through the night. His eyes lit up at that before fading away to match the dim surroundings of their room. He would go to the ends of the earth for her so she could feel no pain, no anxiety and most of all, no fear. They are afraid. Neither has said it but they are and rightfully so for a life hanged in the balance. And like beauty it is never constant or predictable.

The rise and fall of her chest calms him somewhat; likening it to her breathing in life for her, for him, for their family. Her eyelids flutter open for the shortest while and he thinks she’s awakening but they flutter close once more after making the wisps of her hair fly away. Adorable, he had always said. Meaning it with all of him every single time, it’s unfortunate, she takes them too lightly every time and dismisses it with a flick of her hand.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

In her waking moments that followed next, he finds himself counting his lucky stars to see, to breathe, to feel everything that is beautiful, whichever way possible, of her.

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